Product Design

Product Design and Consulting 

SEE SECURITY can offer design support

Wether you need design consultation or product design ideas, we can offer you an array of options to aquire your desired finish.

Offering from start to finish support, assures you that your design is kept confidential.


We offer packages to cater all budgets including;

  • designing products 
  • continuos support on project designs 
  • tender drawings and proposals
  • up front design consulting or on site consulting 
  • consulting on pre existing issues or alterations 

Utilising the latest software we can achieve your goals, including;

  • AutoCad desktop
  • Solidworks 3D 
  • simplify 3D
  • CNC production software 

Contact us today to see if we can cater to your needs, we will ensure all projects discussions are kept confidential and all drawings commisioned remain private.